Our Center offer:

– yoga and meditation classes;

  • NEW! Nordic Walking with INWA instructor – 5 or 10 km trails.

– lodging and food for guests;

– full service packages for seminars and workshops – transportation, lodging, food, excursion program.
– spaces for yoga and meditation classes under the roof (40 m2) and open space (up to 2 hectares);

– lodging for participants and teachers (under the roof up to 20 persons) and for tents (up to 2 hectares);

– food service with vegetarian, vegan, raw-food, gluten-free meals and other special menus. No meat, chicken or fish. On special request we provide space for non-veg barbecue, but you should bring your own dishes.

– traditional local banya (sauna) with real firewood;

– hot tub Japanese style “Ofuro” with  with real firewood;

– swimming pond 30 m long;

– special banya (sauna) treatments and SPA procedures by professional healer, rebalancer and masseur Mr. Leonard Revyakov (booking in advance as obligatory);

– field trips, bird-watching and wild mushroom collecting trips;

– archery classes with professional long-bow equipment;

– cooking classes on vegetarian, vegan, raw-food and gluten-free dishes;

– woven mandalas master-classes;

– henna (mihendi) India style body painting and classes;

– cow-milking masterclass;

– Latvian traditional folk singing classes;

– transportation and shuttle services (minivan up to 6 passengers);

– excursion program in Latgalia region of Latvia (traditional pottery, woven carpets production, rabbit farm, local exotic animal zoo with ostriches, emu, alpaka and many more; second highest wooden observation tower in the region (32m at Krāslava city) and highest  wooden observation tower in Latvia at Lielais Liepukalns (289,3 m hill + 34 m tower itself);

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