Indrayoga.eu is a website with information about coutry-side based yoga and recreation center in Indra, Latvia, European Union.

If you looking for a place to stay in close contact with nature, to practice yoga and meditation – you are welcome to our center!

For booking and enquiries please write to email: indrayoga@inbox.lv

Our Center is developed by personal efforts and under supervision of Latvian NGO “Cilvēka Attīstības Centrs” (САС) (in English “Human Development Center”).
Detailed legal information (in Latvian) you can see here.

If you want to support our Center development – you can become an Active Member (AM) of NGO (annual membership fee 20 Euro), or Passive Supporting Member (PSM) (annual membership 30 Euro).

All membership fees are used exclusively for Center’s infrastructure development and events organization.IMG_2136

You can donate any amount by bank transfer, PayPal or MoneyWise. For details please contact us at indrayoga@inbox.lv.

Information about center available at official tourist website of local county.

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