How to find us

Indra route sign

You can reach us by car, train or bus (on foot and by air – optional :))

Instructions for drivers:

Head either side Kraslava (Option 1), or Dagda (Option 2).

(1) Who goes by the Kraslava (Krāslava) (or Daugavpils) – Head of the A6 highway to the border with Belarus (Patarnieki).

Follow the signs to Indra. Asphalt road to the village Vaivodi. Then, 5 km of gravel road (usually in very good condition) to the village of Indra (Indra).

At the intersection in Indra follow the main road through the railroad crossing. Further along the asphalt main road until you drive out of Indra. And further 6 km on the gravel road straight to our Center. Notable landmark – large brick farmhouse on the right. We are across the street.

(2) If you go from Dagda – head towards Asūne. 9 km of gravel road (not very often in good condition) to the turn signal right at Robežnieki. Another 6 km on a gravel road to the village Robežnieki. Follow to road sign to the left to Indra . Pass on the gravel road another 6 km to the village of Skuki and by the main road further Indra. And now, just 2 km from Skuki on your right you will see our Centre.

(3) By train. The most convenient, safe and fast option if no car.

(3.1) Take the train Riga-Minsk at 18:30 every even date (2, 4, 6th…). Buy the cheapest ticket (summer – common carriage; at other times – second-class). Ticket to Indra (Indra). The cost about 20 €. And at 22:59 you will be in the Indra train station. Do not forget to notify us in advance to pick you up at the station (6 km walk at night, not all will find to be comfortable. While it may be informative. Very beautiful stars we have here :)).

(3.2) Mixed train-bus option. From Riga by train from Daugavpils (the best option at 08:50 with arrival at 12:30) and transfer to a bus Daugavpils-Indra at 13:10.

(4) On the bus. The longest, not the most convenient. the cheapest. From the bus station in Riga, take a ticket to Daugavpils or Krāslava.

(4.1) Many buses to Daugavpils (about 4 hours on the road, cost about 9 €). Then you have to take a bus to Indra at 13:10 (only one per day!). Cost about 4 €. And then walk 6 km to us or call us to pick you.

(4.2) Any buses from Daugavpils to Krāslava. 1 hour per way. 2,35 €. Transfer to a bus to Indra. Only 2 (!) buses a day at 13:50 and 14:20. 1 hour trip. Price 1.75 or 2,05 €. Then – as in paragraph 4.1.

Schedule for all types of transport, check out here:

GPS coordinates:

55 55 3 N

27 34 14 E

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IndraYoga map location

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